Robotics Engineering Manager @ Canonical (remote)

We are looking for an engineering manager with a passion for open source robotics to lead our dedicated team working on ROS and related open source stacks. Our goal is to enable secure robots with amazing developer experience, security, and operations at scale. We believe that Ubuntu can empower a new generation of roboticists to innovate and ship products that meet international requirements for safety, security and management.

This role is about leading the development of Ubuntu as a robotics platform. You and your team of engineers will enable ROS developers to deliver high quality, secure robots, while enhancing the developer experience for robotics innovators around the world. You will lead your team in security and packaging contributions to the upstream ROS project, and represent Canonical and Ubuntu to the robotics community. You will work closely with the Robotics Product Manager to define and execute a vision and roadmap for robotics on Ubuntu.

As an engineering manager at Canonical your primary responsibility is to your team: helping them grow as engineers, do important and satisfying work, and have a great time while doing it. Technical leadership experience and a background in software engineering are necessary prerequisites for this role. You will be expected to lead, challenge, and develop strong engineers, positively influence the culture, facilitate technical delivery, and work with your team on strategy and execution.

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Hello Jeremie ,

i have experience in building mobile robot with ros and also i have got a mobile robot i built from scratch with ros and also ubuntu from scratch , and im also a nigerian (reason why i write to you is because i will love to apply for robotics engineering manager @canonical ) nigeria . i can also send you videos of the robot i built with a payload of 50kg .

Best Regards ,