ROS 2 Rust Meeting - January 8th

The next ROS 2 Rust WG meeting will be: 2024-01-08T14:00:00Z

The meeting room is tentatively at , however, we’ve had technical difficulties getting rooms up and running. If the room needs to change, we will update this thread with the new info!


Hi @jhdcs

Is the date and time correct (2024-01-08 05:00 UTC)?


Good catch! Thank you! I seem to have the worst luck with that calendar tool…

Hey there :wave:

Did you succeed to record the meeting? Would love to catch up :slight_smile:

We haven’t historically recorded the working group meetings, but the primary outcome of the meeting was to produce this post. The general theme was how to navigate the problem of deviating from rclcpp and rclpy to accommodate idioms of the Rust language while still being accepted by the ROS community and some day being recognized as an “official” (or first-class) client library.