ROS Developer Tools - Now in Binary Form!

tl; dr: You can now sudo apt install ros-dev-tools

I’ve always been annoyed with the long list of dependencies that had to be installed in order to develop ROS software. Spurred by @mikeferguson 's tweet I finally tried to do something about it.

Skipping ahead, I proposed a change to REP 2001 to add new distribution-independent variants.
ros-dev-tools has the following dependencies:

  • cmake
  • git
  • python3
  • python3-setuptools
  • python3-bloom
  • python3-colcon-common-extensions
  • python3-rosdep
  • python3-vcstool
  • wget

(The variant ros-build-essential includes only the first four of these dependencies and is primarily targeted at build-farm infrastructure.)

Of course, defining the dependencies wouldn’t do anything if the infrastructure didn’t support it. That effort was spearheaded by @nuclearsandwich

The new variants are now part of the standard installation path in the documentation

Additional thanks to @clalancette and @cottsay for their efforts in this REP/implementation.


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