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ROS Index domain has expired

The domain seems to have expired. Does anyone know what is going on with that?

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Probably fallout still from

Thanks for the response and the link to the issue. The domain and subdomains seem to be up again (fingers crossed).

Sir is the issue Solved?? And moreover I am trying to install ROS melodic and I am facing this issue. I am posting the screenshot as well. Please solve the issue and tell the solution because I need to Complete the task and submit Urgently. Hope so you resolve the issue quickly.

I think you should just wait for a few hours until DNS caches settle… I’m facing this too, but when I manually enter into my /etc/hosts, it works.

Not sure if this will work but try temporarily changing your DNS settings to something like google ( We have zero control over how fast DNS records propagate.

Here it was not working with my wifi connection but was ok with the 4G. After I reset the modem and the router everything works well!