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ROS Lunar on OS X

Hey fellow humans, a bunch of you have discovered and used my ros-install-osx project. Unfortunately, it’s been broken for some time, for a variety of reasons, including the QT transition, plus chaos with Homebrew reorganizing things on their end— moving formulae around, dropping /usr/local/bin/python, and other stuff.

Anyway, the good news is that I’ve done some fiddling with it today and you should now be able to build an up to date ROS Lunar desktop full, including functional rviz, QT5, Gazebo 8, and all the other goodies. If you’re a Mac user who has been keeping your QT4 installation on life support, please give this a shot, try it out, and let me know on the github issue tracker where you run into trouble.


This is awesome, thanks for spending time on it @Mike_Purvis! :+1: :100:

Great work @Mike_Purvis, thank you! I’m going to try it. :+1: