ROS OpenEmbedded Working Group: 2023/12/11 @ 3pm UTC

Thanks to everybody that joined on Monday and that have submitted issues and PRs on GitHub.

Looking at the calendar I will need to skip the meeting in 2 weeks due to a personal conflict. Coincidentally it is during the week of the Yocto Summit.

Our next meeting of the ROS OpenEmbedded Working Group will be in 4 weeks:

Date/Time : Monday, December 11, 2023 @ 3pm UTC, (5pm CET / 11am ET / 8am PT)
Zoom Meeting : Launch Meeting - Zoom
Meeting ID : 920 4598 2362
Passcode : 558064

Minutes and recordings from past meetings are here: ROS OpenEmbedded Working Group - Google Docs

ROS OpenEmbedded Working Group proposal
Details on meta-ros and proposed work items
ROS OpenEmbedded WG Google Group for Meeting Notifications

I look forward to speaking with everyone in 4 weeks.


We need to drop meta-python2 as a requirement. It will NOT be supported moving forward and should be considered DEAD after kirkstone. We have had more than 10 years warning. Any further support is just asking for vulnerabilities and security risks.

This means meta-ros-python2 and meta-ros1-melodic should be dropped (including from langdale, mickledore and nanbield).

meta-ros1-melodic is also still using DEPRECATED distutils-common-base.bbclass:

Let us send this old friend off to pasture.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for identifying this. I hope this will be an easy change to make as Melodic went end of life last June. I have created a bug to track this here: Remove meta-python2 as a dependency · Issue #1076 · ros/meta-ros (


The next ROS OpenEmbedded Working Group meeting will be starting in an hour’s time.

Here is a preview of the agenda for today: ROS OpenEmbedded Working Group - Google Docs



Hello @robwoolley, thank you for the update and the whole organization of the event :slight_smile:.

Only a small correction for the description: Should it not be 4pm UTC instead of 3pm then?

Looking forward to todays meeting,

Fabian H.

You are correct. Thank you for pointing that out.


Thanks to everyone that attended today. The minutes can be found here: ROS OpenEmbedded Working Group - Google Docs

Here is the Zoom recording for anyone that wasn’t able to attend. The passcode is 3u9@Y+29

Our next meeting will be on 2024-01-08T16:00:00Z, see ROS OE WG Invites Google Group to sign up for reminders.