ROS Phone Wallpaper of the Month - Feb 2022

Hi all,
here the wallpaper for the month of February 2022 featuring ROS on your mobile phone.

This month, we dedicate it to ROS for Autonomous Cars.

A ROS touch for your phone as well as a handy wallpaper that show the month calendar without having to unlock the phone.


Wow, good one! Thanks

I like this … how do you download to cell? … I hope it’s for Android …

@TexAcoon Yes, it works on Android too. Just Download the Wallpaper. You can select it in Settings (gear icon)/ Background and Themes/ Background/my stuff/galery/Downloads. Then select “lock screen”.
I hope this helps.

Hello @ricardotellez,

Thanks for sharing the wallpapers for mobile, can you please share the wallpaper for March 2022, and also can you please share the image which can be used on laptops?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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