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ROS Programming: Building Powerful robots

Here comes the Learning Path book for ROS: ROS Programming: Building Powerful robots from Packt

This Learning path is a combination of three published books in ROS to learn the technology from a single source.

This book was released in last month.

Herer are the links to buy it



Number of Pages: 1396

Packt is having a sale. The book is $10. That is an insanely low price and no DRM so it works on any e-reader. For $10 you get all three formats ePub, Kindel and PDF. (a paper version costs more, if you want that)

I have a copy. This is one of the best books out there.

(no connection with publisher or author, just wanted people-to know about the reduced price.)

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thanks Chris I will go for it.

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This sounds amazing and being cheap as I am, I’ve got excited about this offer and decided to order. It all worked fine, but for some very bizarre reason I was also charged shipping of 11.90 USD which is very confusing in case of ebooks, which I have obviously just downloaded.
I have contacted Packt and I’m sure we will sort this out. And I’m sure there is no bad intent. But maybe just double check before you pay.

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Please ping me if you are not getting any reply from PACKT. I think I can help you regarding the same.

That’s very kind of you. I am sure it will be alright though. It’s probably just a misunderstanding.