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ROS Summer School in China 2019, July 27-August 3 (Hefei)

ROS Summer School in China will celebrate its five year anniversary. We have successfully organized four ROS summer schools in Shanghai (2015, 2016, 2017) and in Shenzhen (2018). In the past four years, more than 1500 teachers, students and software engineers studied in our ROS summer schools. We also had excellent feedback from these onsite and offsite participants with positive comments on the lectures, speakers and organization.

Many robot companies in China have realized the importance of ROS and began developing their robot projects using ROS. However, learning ROS and its associating components involves a wide range of knowledge, which not only requires developers to have software programming skills, but also to be familiar with robotics theories, robot hardware and even understanding the background of specific industrial applications.

Learning and using ROS is somehow a slow and painful process. Our summer school provided a quick, in-depth and free learning opportunity for ROS beginners and advanced ROS developers. In 2019, we will organize the 5th ROS summer school in China. This year, our ROS summer school will come to Hefei, capital of East China’s Anhui province. From 2016, twenty new robotics projects are set to go ahead in Hefei. For example, Harbin Institute of Technology Robots Group, a leading robot firm in China, started building its 2 billion RMB ($299 million) eastern China headquarter in the city. Another project to go ahead is the Kuka Industrial Robotics Research & Development Center, a joint initiative of Kuka Industries, a subsidiary of the German robotic manufacturer Kuka AG, and two Hefei robotics firms.

In the seven days, we are going to cover the following topics: ROS basics, teleoperation, Gazebo simulator, computer vision, SLAM, navigation, industrial robot, some industrial exhibition and more. Many representatives from industries will share their experiences on robot project development using ROS. At the end of the summer school, we will organize a robot competition. Participants use their skills to fulfill some given tasks using mobile robots and sensors.

Our official website will be online soon. Please follow the website for any updates of our ROS Summer School 2019.

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