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ROS2 Best Practices for Supporting Windows 10

We are currently learning how to port ROS1 packages to build on Windows for the RQT effort and have been unable to find any good guides for this. I believe many others have and will continue to face steep learning curves on Windows support, so I think it would be best if we started a migration guide / best practices for “things you typically need to change to support Windows”.

I found a one-off example of this kind of question, and there was a past question about general ROS2 best practices, but is there anything else I’ve missed?

If not, where should such document live in a post-ROS wiki world? I’m still having trouble understanding where to put ROS2 documentation since the ROS2 Index seems like its going to be pretty “small”. Also, slightly related ROS1 discussion on best practices.

This sort of content is pretty well directed at the ROS2 documentation. We already have a ROS1 migration guide that can be extended with more information about improving Windows compatibility:

General ROS2 documentation can go in the generic ros2_documention repository. For package specific content we’re recommending keeping it within the package in things like the README so that it can stay closer to the content as well as be versioned.

The ROSOnWindows project has a Cookbook document that seems to be similar to what you describe: .

Related discussion: .

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