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Ros2_control Working Group meeting 17th November 2021

Hello there folks,

The next ros2_control Working Group meeting will be 2021-11-17T18:00:00Z. Please note that this is our Americas-friendly timeslot.

Anyone who wishes to attend, please review and add your points to the agenda: ros2_control Working Group Meeting Notes - Google Docs

You can join the meeting through google groups or consult the calendar for the hangouts link (note that the calendar uses PST):

See you there,
Your friendly ros_control maintainer team

Earlier this year we were alternating between a North-America-friendly timeslot and an Asia-friendly timeslot but after a few meetings we opted to drop the Asia-friendly one due to no attendance from that side of the globe.

It was raised today that it’s a little painful for the good folks over in Australia to attend our meetings (Korea 3PM is ~5PM for ya) so let’s see a show of hands if there’s interest of us returning to the alternating timeslot approach.

  • Happy with the Korea 3PM meeting slot
  • Happy with the San Francisco 10AM meeting slot

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