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Ros2_control Working Group meeting 22 April 2020

Hello there friends,

The next ros2_control Working Group meeting will be 2020-04-22T06:00:00Z. Please note that this is an Asia-friendly time as opposed to an Americas-friendly time we had before.

Anyone who wishes to attend, please review and add your points to the agenda:

You can join the meeting through google groups or or consult the calendar for the hangouts link (note that the calendar uses PST):

See you there,
Your friendly ros_control maintainer team


Thanks to the Asia-friendly meeting time I could join the meeting for the first time.

Iā€™m going to try to start making some of these meetings, at least so I can be better informed. Maybe to start making some contributions in the future, too.

For a pending project, is the JointTrajectoryController in the ros2_control repo in a working state? I know things are likely to change a lot in the near future, but I would like to start using it now.

And it looks like it works for actuators in position mode and velocity mode, correct?