Security Working Group Meeting, October 2022

Hello ROS community,

The next ROS 2 security working group meeting will be held on 2022-10-11T13:00:00Z.

Have a look at the meeting agenda and as always, feel free to join the discussion!

Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(CA) +1 226-213-8281‬ PIN: ‪833 386 132 5502‬#
More phone numbers:

The ROS Security Working Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month through google meet; meeting times alternate between 13:00UTC and 16:00UTC. Join the google group to receive meeting invitations and updated logistics.

Please feel free to contribute to the next meeting’s agenda .

Some additional links:


I don’t see today’s meeting scheduled on the ROS Events Calendar. This event may fly under some member’s radars without that notice. I had a feeling I was missing something when looking at my calendar, then remembered to check this post again for the exact meeting time.

Checking the agenda again today, it looks like today’s guest presentation is marked as postponed? The meeting room seems to be empty of any host.

Hello, as mentioned yesterday on the Matrix channel, today’s meeting is cancelled. I’ll look into the ROS Events Calendar posting too. Sorry for any confusion.

Hello, we have been working on some ROS security stuff and found some flaws with the current DDS implementation that we think are worth sharing. We were thinking of doing so in the next security working group, if you would be ok with that.

@gianmarco Thanks for bringing this up, let’s get this topic on the WG agenda. I’ve sent you a PM. Also, if you haven’t yet, do join our Matrix channel. You can start a conversation about this or any other issues on the chat, for a more immediate exchange.