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Some place to share / see visualizations

In my company’s Slack we have a channel dedicated to visualizations. We share visualizations that we may have been making while developing an algorithm, or maybe to explain some part of the product to a customer, or some times just for fun. As roboticists I imagine most of us think visually and rely heavily on visualizing our algorithms.

Can discourse be a good place for us to share such visualizations? Would it belong in general? Uncategorized? Should it have its own category? There’s certainly the possibility of it getting a bit spammy.

In conclusion: here’s the last visualization I shared at my company’s slack :grin:

Hi @safijari,

Cool map!

There is also a Discord group for ROS at They have a visualization channel.


Oh interesting, I did not know that. Just joined.

Is this an official discord server? Seems pretty sparse and my visualization post is the inaugural post in that channel :sweat_smile:

I would be willing to start a “glamour shot” topic. I think having a place for people to show off their robots / visualizations / videos would be great.

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I like this idea. A single topic keeps it from being spammy and potentially much easier to moderate.

Is there a mechanism in discourse for a discussion to be sorted by recency/popularity reddit?

No it’s unofficial, but I think people still find it useful. See previous discussions on this point:

Yes that makes sense (and discord is arguably the best choice for it, of the available free options at least). Adoption makes a big difference in things like this though but with the robotics community in general being so small it makes sense why there’s so few folks over on the discord.

Well, many people would disagree, and though I am ambivalent towards discord right now, I can understand why others do not like it.

The official channel is #ros on freenode, and some people are using matrix as a way to stay connected to that. See:

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For any that might stumble upon this and then try to use the riot client to connect to that room and can’t find it in search…, the incantation you need is:


I want to throw my $0.02 in here. If we wanted to avoid the nastiness that happens on Discord, and the technical difficulties of using IRC, perhaps we could start an “official” slack channel. I would need to do some vetting to see if there is support for this internally. I am curious what the community thinks.

My personal preference is to use Slack as I already use it as a developer. I know a lot of people find it to be a for-pay knock off of IRC, but I rather like the app (except for the memory footprint). I would’t want this to supplant the existing Discord / IRC, but rather use it as a more user-friendly alternative.

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I think an official anything would be fine. I’m personally ok with Slack, I think it’s brought a lot of good to my company since we switched to it, but I’m also in a lot of discords for open source projects and really like the experience there too (really easy to switch between workspaces compared to slack). And then there’s always gitter. Always janky but always there :sweat_smile:

Whatever is good as long as it has some official backing from OSRF and can foster the community aspect well.

That was also suggested, and we already created a rosorg slack, but slack has plenty of its own issues for a community like ours (as opposed to companies which normally use slack), and we already explicitly decided to stop using it:

But if I can suggest it, we shouldn’t hijack this thread (though this is somewhat on topic for it), there is an existing thread that would probably be better to discuss this on. I’d recommend you post your comment there:

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Also, remembering everything now, the TSC already discussed it and decided we didn’t need anything better than IRC (though I don’t really agree on that point):

Getting back to the original topic at hand, what if we make some sort of monthly or weekly “ROS Beauty Contest”? Basically a regular topic on Discourse / ROS Projects where people post their best video / screen shot / tutorial along with a short description? Perhaps I could tweet out the most loved posts the following week (with owner’s permission of course). Does that sound like it could scratch the itch?


Yes. That sounds like a good solution :+1:

I have an old album from my time at IRI, where I captured this kind of stuff, I attach a couple of samples :sweat_smile:


That’s beautiful, especially the first one.

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Let’s do this. I will make a post in projects.

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