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Step for large file upload request

DevelopersGuide encourages using as a public storage for larger files (1+MB), and request for upload is supposed to be the email sent to ros-release.
I feel like not spamming this mailinglist with a simple uplaod request. So communication on a github ticket somewhere might be better.
On the other hand, readers may appreciate being notified for new files (e.g. .bag files).


We can’t give you permissions to upload yourself to since we don’t have any fine grain permission system. I am happy to upload the data for you if you can provide either some short term links where I can download them from or send them to me by email.

Is there some way we could exploit some cloud storage solution for this? Perhaps Github LFS?

The data hosted on is already “cloud storage”, it’s a replicated geographically mirrored ftp site. It’s paid for by OSRF, and in general we’re committing to anything that we post there will be available as an archive for the life of the codebase. Since the older revisions of the code will stop working if we take down older versions of packages.

I’ve updated the wiki page to point to this category instead of the old ros-release mailing list. But I’d suggest that we not setup new infrastructure. The volume is low and it is good to have full visibility of the changes. Unless we start getting overwhelmed with requests I’d suggest we just keep the current system.

See for the continued conversation.

Reason I suggested using some “cloud storage” file sharing solution is that they typically do have the “fine grained permission” systems in place that @dirk-thomas mentioned.

I’m all for re-using whatever is already there, but I’m also a fan of delegating management of such systems, as that would reduce the workload of whoever is in charge of it now. I’m sure you have better things to do than to manage a bunch of bag files.

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