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Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting #17 (2020/04/15) Minutes

Wednesday April 15, 2020 15:00


  • Geoffrey Biggs (TSC chair)
  • Cheng Chen (Autocore)
  • Ian Colwell (AutonomouStuff)
  • Adam Dabrowski (
  • Kenji Funaoka (Tier IV)
  • David Van Geyn (AutonomouStuff)
  • Craig Johnson (AutonomouStuff)
  • Jeff Johnson (Mapless)
  • Shinpei Kato (AWF)
  • Tony Lee (Velodyne)
  • Stefano Longo (Embotech)
  • Tsutomu Otake (Macnica)
  • Philipp Robbel (Mapless)
  • Paul Sastrasinh (TRI-AD)
  • Servando German Serrano (Linaro)
  • Brian Shin (LG Electronics)
  • Joe Speed (ADLINK)
  • Matt Spencer (Arm)
  • Stephane Strahm (Kalray)
  • Daisuke Tanaka (AWF)
  • Akihiko Tsukuda (eSOL)
  • Holly Watson Nall (StreetDrone)
  • Wei Weng (Velodyne)
  • Josh Whitley (AWF)
  • Dmitry Zelenkovsky (LG Electronics)
  • Yang Zhang (Linaro)

Minutes Geoffrey Biggs


  1. Opening remarks and new member introductions (Board)
  2. Confirmation of previous minutes
  3. Action items from previous meeting
  4. Vote results: Proposal regarding the EOL of Autoware.AI
  5. Autoware Foundation annual report
  6. Working group report Autonomy Software
  7. Working group report Autonomy Hardware
  8. Progress update: ODD-driven development strategy (@gbiggs)
  9. Progress update: Move of Autoware Foundation repositories from GitLab to GitHub (@gbiggs)
  10. Change in TSC operation
  11. Discussion of which ODD to set as the next goal after AVP
  12. Sensing architecture proposal (AutonomouStuff)
  13. Autoware Online Class proposal (@Dejan_Pangercic)

Action items

  • Announce the EOL timeline for Autoware.AI in ROS Discourse and on the Autoware blog
  • Set up the ODD working group and hold first meeting
    • @gbiggs AutonomouStuff StreetDrone
  • Change TSC operation to Google Group and Google Drive

Detailed minutes

Opening remarks and new member introductions (Board)

No new members.

Confirmation of previous minutes (All)

Minutes approved.

Action items from previous meeting (All)

  • Discuss if can provide a maintainer for Autoware.AI
    • @dvangeyn
    • Action taken Have not found someone yet.
  • Prepare first pass of detailed plan for transitioning to Autoware Core/Universe and plan for the development of Autoware
    • @gbiggs, @josh
    • Action taken Plan draft prepared although still incomplete

Vote results: Proposal regarding the EOL of Autoware.AI


  • That Autoware.AI be scheduled to go into maintenance mode (no new features added, only patch releases containing only bug fixes) at the end of 2020.
  • That Autoware.AI receive only minor updates (1.15, 1.16, etc.) between now and the end of 2020.
  • That Autoware.AI be scheduled for end-of-life (no new releases at all, no MRs accepted) at the end of 2022.

For: 11
Against: 0
Abstain: 12

Proposal is accepted.

An announcement will be made on the blog and in the Autoware category on the ROS Discourse.

Autoware Foundation annual report

AWF 2018-19 operational report_20200415.pdf (600.1 KB)

Working group report: Autonomy Software


Autoware.AI Development Update:

Autoware.AI is in the testing phase for 1.14.

Autocore is planning to do in-car testing. No other testing is planned due to Covid-19.


Milestone 2 has been progressing and is nearly finished. The MPC controller has been giving us trouble but the community has had difficulties isolating the cause. Beginning today, several members are forming a Task Force which will tackle the MPC problem from another perspective. We hope to have this piece of functionality complete by 4/17. In other news, nearly all additional functionality for Milestone 2 is functional, including:

  • Loading and visualizing a PCD-based map
  • Localizing to the map using NDT
  • Recording and replaying routes driven with a joystick or manual commands
  • Saving and loading routes from disk
  • Receiving, filtering, and transforming lidar data from 2 Velodyne lidars
  • Processing the lidar data using Euclidean Clustering for object detection

Our next Milestone’s major features include:

  • HDMap integration
  • HDMap route planning
  • Driving the car to follow lanes in the carpark
  • Parking motion planner
  • Driving the car to park in a parking spot
  • Stop-until-clear for dynamic obstacles

Working group report: Autonomy Hardware

  • Have been contacting members to get more information about the environment they are using. This
    information is being collated and will be put in a page accessible to everyone.

Progress update: ODD-driven development strategy

A draft document is in progress. We expect to fill in many of the details as we begin executing the strategy.

Autoware software - Operational Design Domain-based development process DRAFT.pdf (195.7 KB)

ODD Working Group

  • Nominated leaders:
    • AutonomouStuff
    • StreetDrone
  • First task will be to set how we define an ODD
  • Next task will be to lightly specify the thre proposed ODDs so that AWF TSC members can make a decision on which to do next.

Progress update: Move of Autoware Foundation repositories from GitLab to GitHub

A rough analysis of the work required to move all repositories from GitLab to GitHub was done. The result was the decision that this cannot be done now without severely interrupting the work on the AVP milestone.

A plan is being put together to coordinate the work necessary. The plan also specifies how the repositories will be organised at GitHub, which does not (yet) support hierarchical groups.

GitLab to GitHub move plan - Repositories organisation - Step 1_ move to GitHub.pdf (33.9 KB)
GitLab to GitHub move plan - Repositories organisation - Step 2_ create Core.pdf (33.9 KB)
GitLab to GitHub move plan - Repositories organisation - Step 3_ split .Auto.pdf (34.4 KB)
GitLab to GitHub move plan - Repositories organisation - Step 4_ create Univers.pdf (34.7 KB)

Change in TSC operation

The TSC currently operates using a private category on the ROS Discourse for communication and minutes management. This system does not appear to be working, as communication among and activity of TSC members is very low. We need to move to a workflow that fits with the existing workflow of the majority of TSC members.

The TSC chair proposes that the method of operation is changed to:

  • Communication via a mailing list (G Suite group)
  • Minutes managed in a shared Google Drive folder accessible only to the TSC representative of each TSC member company
    • Minutes would still be posted publicly to the ROS Discourse after each meeting.
  • A shared Google Drive folder to be used for collaborative document creation.

These changes will be enacted by the next TSC meeting.

Discussion of which ODD to set as the next goal after AVP

The TSC needs to decide by late May what Operational Design Domain to target once the AVP work is complete. We cannot target an ODD that is too big a leap from our current one.

These ODDs are suitable choices, based on growing our technical capability, being technologically achievable, and achievable within a reasonable time frame.

  1. Autonomous cargo delivery on closed, private roads
  2. Highway adaptive cruise control and driver assistance
  3. Autonomous Bus Rapid Transit (dedicated, fenced-off lanes)
  4. Active campus navigation

Sensing architecture proposal (AutonomouStuff)

Autoware Online Class proposal (@Dejan_Pangercic)

See the linked thread for details and to participate.