Trust levels with Discourse

I’ve noticed some people have been encountering limits with respect to their current trust level, for example the newuser_max_links limit is affecting some posts and replies in the robot description formats channel while citing references.

I don’t think this is a bad thing however, answers.ros has a similar maturing trust level that is quite helpful for moderation. It just may not be an expected behavior by all users coming from traditional mailing lists, so we might want to make new users aware of this.

I know this is mentioned at the end of the “Welcome to!” PM new users get, but we may want to mention it again in a distilled sticky post detailing migration specifics for ros-users.

I hope that the flagging system here can clear posts relatively quickly. I’ve bumped up the max links to 5 for new users.

There’s definitely a bit of a challenge as we do the migration that people who should be trusted are coming in with no trust yet. Hopefully once we get through the bootstrap phase things will get easier.

I think that boosting the max links for new users temporarily is a good idea. After we’ve had a little time to settle in, we’ll be able to drop it back down again without impacting existing mailing list users.

I’ve also whitelisted so I think that links to will not be counted in anti-spam measures. Hopefully that will help too.

Are the admins of this group willing to make it so that users with Trust Level 0 need to be approved to post new topics? Seems it would filter out a lot of the “Post on” traffic.

That’s a good idea. After some searching it does appear that Discourse supports that. Though you need to search for “approve” not “approval”

I’ve adjusted it so that new topics for trust level 0 will require approval.
approve new topics unless trust level to 1