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Hello and welcome to

This is a place to talk about ROS and ROS related things. If you have a specific question or want help getting something running, please visit and ask your question there.

More guidelines for ROS support can be found at

We are testing this format for a limitied set of projects initially but expect to roll out out more generally in the future. If you’d like more info see the Site Feedback category.

By default this forum will email you about new posts just like a mailing list. You can change the settings for your user account to filter for specific categories, only when you’re @ mentioned or participate, or turn it off entirely. The site design works well if you just want to poll. To get to your settings click on the gear icon in the dropdown menu from your user icon in the top right.

We are starting with the rosjava SIG. You can find it here:

If you have feedback on the site please open an uncategorized topic. In the future we may create a meta category, but for now we can keep it open.

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How to set publisher queue size