World MoveIt Day November 20th - Save the Date

Quick announcement that our 4th annual open source hackathon event will be on Wednesday November 20th, 2019. Further details are available here.

Last years event was a record-breaking success with 13 official locations around the world and over 200 participants. See the full details here and here.

Please contact me if you’re interested in hosting an event at your organization, we have a comprehensive event planning guide to help you along.


Please let us know your intention to host an event or join as a participant by signing up here.

Thank you!

Hi everyone,

here’s a last-minute reminder for World MoveIt Day, this Wednesday!

If you are flexible, you can still sign up for any of the local events in the USA, Singapore, India, Japan, and Germany for meeting interesting people and discussing current affairs with the framework

If you will spend the day in your lab/office, you can take part in the event and contribute your expertise and curiousity, nonetheless!

Either way, now is the time to look through the list of open issues reserved for world moveit day or MoveIt’s tutorials collection, and decide on something you want to work on for the event!
If you have your own ideas for what you want to work on, consider creating a new issue in the respective source repository.
That way, maintainers might be able to provide guidance ahead of time to enable you to get further during the event!


In case you want to join the conference channel, you can find it here:

New Room: