2nd BehaviorTree.CPP Workshop. Call for speakers


It has been almost 1 year from the 1st BehaviorTree workshop and I think it is about time to plan a second one.

A lot of things happened in this year:

I would love to have a new workshop where people show how they use BT.CPP, present their projects or ask questions! Indicatively, I think that the last week of March or the first of April is a great time to have that, but I don’t have yet a final date.

If you want to present at the Workshop, please get in contact with me, privately on dfaconti@aurynrobotics.com, or replying to this thread.
The strict requirements are:

  • It must be about BehaviorTree.CPP.
  • Industrial use-cases are preferred over academic research, but the latter is not excluded.
  • Presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • It is mandatory to have slides.
  • You must send me the abstract by the 17th of March (an arbitrary date, but to be sure that people don’t postpone this too much).

Looking forward to your replies and feedback!



would it be possible to attend the workshop as a spectator?

I am very interested in learning more about the different use cases for BehaviorTree.CPP in the industry.

Yes, the workshop will be a round of presentation that anyone is welcome to attend


Well, response to this has been a little… underwhelming? :sweat_smile:

If there is no interest, I think we can post-pone/cancel this.

Otherwise, if you want to present your work and how you use BT.CPP or the changes that you would like to see, please get in touch!

Let me try to boost it again.

We at Unmanned Life would be really happy to provide our insights from real robot applications using BehaviorTree.CPP. It is one of the core components of our platform and we would like to share the advantages and the drawbacks we found along the way. We have been using it for more than three years in multiple pilots and PoC specialized in aerial applications. Looking forward to this! Join us!


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