BehaviorTree.CPP forum

In the last BehaviorTree.CPP workshop some users expressed the desire to have a specialized forum where they can ask specific questions, discuss best practices and designs.

I am happy to announce is finally available!




I don’t know if this is an optimal location for it, but we should get a link to this forum in the ROS 2 docs related projects section.

I’ll see what we can do to get you more visibility in a few other places.

@facontidavide if you are up for it we can have a sub-domain point to the forum, something like Let me know if you are interested.

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@Katherine_Scott , that would be awesome :smile:


@Katherine_Scott thinking more about that, I believe that a “more fair” subdomain would be, instead.
Using simply the word “Behavior” would imply that ROS strongly endorses BT.CPP instead of other implementations, for instance SMACC from @brettpac .

I think that it is not up to Open Robotics to express such a strong bias: the community should choose the approach that they consider better for them :smiley:


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