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7th ROS-Industrial Conference 2019

The 7th ROS-Industrial Conference 2019 will take place Tuesday December 10 to Thursday December 12 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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This is a kind reminder to order your ticket to this year’s edition of ROS-Industrial Conference with the following sessions (in single track) and speakers:

Program & Announced Speakers

Session 1 on Day 1 (EU ROS updates)

  • Thilo Zimmermann (Fraunhofer IPA): Introduction to the ROS-Industrial Conference

  • Werner Kraus (Fraunhofer IPA): Welcome presentation & market statistics from latest IFR World Robotics Report

  • Carlos Hernandez Corbato (TU Delft): ROSIN: advancing ROS in Europe

  • Gonzalo Casas (ETH Zurich): ROS-I for architecture and digital fabrication

  • Andreas Linz (Uni Osnabrück): Highlights of ROS in Agricultural Domain

  • Catered Lunch (12:40 - 14:10)

  • Andrzej Wąsowski (IT University Copenhagen): [Reactive] Programming with [Rx]ROS

  • Jon Azpiazu Lozano (Tecnalia): Commercial exploitation and digital fabrication and introduction into FTP

  • Highlights of ROSIN FTPs / outcomes of ROS developments Rafael Arrais (INESC TEC) Luca Muratore (IIT) Trygve Thomessen (PPM Robotics) Olivier Michel (Cyberbotics) Paloma Carrasco Fernández (CATEC)

  • Olivier Stasse (LAAS): Pros and cons of using ROS to transfer robotics components from laboratory to industry [presented via Skype]

  • Coffee break (15:40 - 16:10)

  • Carlos Hernandez Corbato (TU Delft): Metacontrol for ROS2 systems

  • Dennis Stampfer (HS Ulm): Modeling and Tooling for Robotics Software Development

  • Björn Kahl (Fraunhofer IPA): SeRoNet: Challenges in defining a community platform top-down

  • Maik Siee (Fraunhofer IPA): RoboPORT - co-creatation & engineering community

  • Thilo Zimmerman (Fraunhofer IPA): Conclusion of the day incl. announcement of evening programm

  • End of Session (bus transfer or walking)(18:00 - 18:30)

  • Welcome reception & demo inside of Flexible Research Factory ARENA2036

Session 2 on Day 2 (Software and System Integration)

  • Matt Hansen (Intel): ROS2 Robot Dev Kit Featuring Navigation2 Overview

  • Ingo Lütkebohle (BOSCH CR): ROS 2 Tracing: Performance Analysis and Execution Monitoring

  • Pablo Quilez (drag&bot): drag&bot as a software platform for development of ROS-based industrial applications

  • Arne Rönnau (FZI): cartesian_controllers: Motion, Force and Compliance Control for Robotic Manipulators

  • Coffee break (10:30 - 11:00)

  • Steven Peters (Open Robotics): Open Robotics 2020: ROS2 Eloquent and Ignition Citadel

  • Musa Morena Marcusso Manhães (BOSCH CR): pcg_gazebo_pkgs: A Python library for scripting and rapid-prototyping of simulated Gazebo models and worlds

  • Nadia Hammoudeh Garcia (Fraunhofer IPA): ROS Model

  • Shashank Sharma (Mathworks): Bridging ROS with MATLAB and Simulink: From Algorithms to Deployment

Session 3 on Day 2 (Robotics meets IT)

  • Roger Barga (AWS Amazon): The Robotic Edge

  • Andrei Kholodnyi (Wind River): ROS2 on VxWorks - Challenges in porting a modern, software framework to RTOS

  • Rhys Davies (Canonical): How to maintain a robot that outlives its support

  • Jaime Martin Losa (eProsima): eProsima Fast RTPS, the most complete open source DDS for ROS2

  • Coffee break (15:30 - 16:00)

  • Gunter Logemann (Microsoft): ROS for Windows: develop ROS apps with Visual Studio Code & Azure

  • Endika Gil Uriarte & Victor Mayoral (Alias Robotics): Defensive and offensive Robot security

  • Jan Wiegelmann (Autovia AI): Analytics for Autonomous Driving: Large-scale sensor data processing

  • Ting- Chia Chang (TU Delft) AgROBOfood

  • Joe Speed (ADLINK): Eclipse Cyclone DDS Makes ROS 2 Easier, Smaller, Faster

  • Bus transfer to gala dinner (18:00 - 18:30)

  • Gala dinner at Leonhardts

Session 4 on Day 3 (Hardware updates and application highlights 1/2)

Session 5 on Day 3 (Platforms & Community)

  • Simon Schneider (Jungle): Enabling the future of Manufacturing with Robotics

  • Benjamin Goldschmidt (Silexia): Performance Testing Platform for ROS2

  • Philippe Krief (Eclipse Foundaton Europe): Why Robotics needs Open Source Communities

  • Christoph Hellmann & Thilo Zimmermann (Fraunhofer IPA): Closing Remarks & Discussion


Livestream starts soon!


There are different links for the live stream of all three days,
just check out the ROS-Industrial Consortium YouTube account

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just for the record here it is:
the :partying_face: #RICEU2019 Event Video :eyes:

This was ROS-Industrial Conference 2019: 150 participants during 3 days and 40+ speakers

It was an honor to organise this great event on OpenSource Software in Robotics in its 7th edition in Stuttgart, Germany, Europe. Thank you to all speakers, participants, co-organisers and last but knot least to the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and its support of ROSIN project & the ROS community in Europe. Look out for upcoming events by ROSIN.