Announcing tf_remapper_cpp and static_transform_mux: More power to your TF!

Have you ever run a tf_remap on a complex system with tens of nodes subscribing TF? Have you looked at the CPU utilization? :hot_face: Stop wasting energy and CPU cycles by moving to tf_remapper_cpp. The API is a superset of tf_remap, so you won’t need to alter anything but one line in your launch file. As a bonus you get a node that works natively with TF2, supports remapping of /tf_static (which the original tf_remap cannot do correctly), you get the ability to “remove” frames, and the node can also work bidirectionally (listen on both old and new TF topics).

Have you ever faced weird problems with /tf_static and bag files? Yes, there is a big problem - rosbag cannot correctly play this topic correctly! It only publishes the last message, but ideally it should publish all so-far-seen static transforms. This is where static_transform_mux comes into play. Just launch this node early enough and it will take care of your static transforms. There’s one limitation, though - you still have to replay the bag from the beginning (or just play a few seconds of it and then you can seek further if you keep static_transform_mux running).

Give it a try and report if you find these packages useful!

Happy transforming :slight_smile: