Announcing the OSRF Project Committee for Space ROS

Following the successful first two years of the collaboration between NASA, Blue Origin, and Open Robotics, the Open Source Robotics Foundation, as the steward of the project, is pleased to announce the launch of the Space ROS Project Committee.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Oversight of the Space ROS project
  • Management of committer access rights to Space ROS repositories
  • Setting and managing project policies (requirements for pull requests, etc.)
  • Deciding when to make a release
  • Promoting the Space ROS project on behalf of the OSRF
  • Management of the Space ROS website

Committee Composition:

  • Oversight - OSRF CTO
  • Committee Chair, appointed by OSRF
  • Project Committers, and
  • Interested Observers

The Chair is responsible for running the project, organising the Project Committee meetings, and making regular activity reports (including to the wider ROS community).

Project Committers are those who have demonstrated a sustained and valuable concrete contribution to the project in the form of documentation and source code. They have write access to Space ROS repositories and are responsible for merging pull requests that meet project requirements into the project’s repositories, contributing to discussion on design and implementation decisions, and in general helping to develop the project day-to-day. Project Committers are the decision-makers of the project. New Project Committers are appointed by the Chair at the recommendation of existing Project Committers. Project Committers are required to demonstrate continued participation in the project.

Interested observers are anyone interested in Space ROS who wishes to participate in meetings and discussions on GitHub and Discourse. This includes, in particular, people who occasionally contribute code to the project.

OSRF has nominated the following as part of the committee launch:

  • Committee Chair: Dave Coleman (PickNik)
  • Project Committers, Inaugural Batch:
    • Austin Probe (Emergent Space)
    • Ezra Brooks (PickNik)
    • Tyler Weaver (PickNik)

The first Project Committee meeting will be scheduled soon. We invite anyone interested in Space ROS to attend as an Observer. If you have any questions about the Project Committee, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Chair, or reply to this thread.

Geoff Biggs
CTO, Open Source Robotics Foundation


Super excited to be part of this! I’ve seen firsthand the amazing things ROS can enable during the development of robotic spaceflight missions, and I’m glad to be nominated to help it take the next steps to flight certification!



Thanks for all your work coordinating this project. I’m excited to see the fruits of this effort; with all the relevant parties start beginning to talk to each other!


Congratulations to Dave Coleman on his appointment as the Committee Chair and to the other Project Committers. Let’s make this project a success!


This is great! One thing I would like to see added to the committee responsibilities is providing a list of target use cases, high level requirements, a prioritized backlog of features and issues to meet those requirements, and a high level roadmap showing what will be included in each release. With those in place, others like myself can contribute to Space ROS and help move it forward. @gbiggs @davetcoleman is this implied here or is this outside the scope of the committee?


I think that can be entirely in-scope on a project like this.

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Thank you, I look forward to the next meeting and to helping the project any way I can

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Congratulations! I’m a Redwire Space Robotics engineer and we are excited to see Space Ros grow. Looking forward to observing the first project committee meeting.

So has a meeting been scheduled yet? I’ve started trying to run the Space ROS demos and filing issues / PRs. Happy to contribute to the demos, docs, etc., but would like to coordinate so I’m not working on something that others are already working on.

I am very excited to be part of this, I work in the Aerospace industry more specifically for ground segment and I have been mostly involved in the design and implementation of the ExoMars rover control center. I am looking forward to contribute to the project especially for the aspects related to monitoring, control and observability.

Has the next working group meeting been decided? When and where would it be announced? Looking forward!

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Hi All,

We had a small Project Committee meeting yesterday with key representatives from space companies and NASA to discuss further the needs of the space industry and ROS 2. We will be having open meetings in the future, as well.

Meeting Minutes