Space ROS Project Committee Meeting 2023-Sept-20

Great meeting today!

  • Attendees

    • Dave Coleman, PickNik Robotics
    • Ezra Brooks, PickNik Robotics
    • Brian Kempa, NASA Ames
    • Evan Laske, NASA JSC
    • Stephen Hart, TRACLabs
    • Austin Probe, Emergent Space Technologies
    • Eddie Tunstel, Motiv Space Systems
    • Scott Mende, Maxar
    • Payam Mehradnia, MDA
    • Hiroki Kato, JAXA
    • Tatsuhiko Saito, SEC
    • Geoffrey Biggs, OSRF
  • Old business

  • New business

    • [Will/Sean/Ezra] Peraton/PickNik collaboration on DARPA proposal for Space ROS
    • [Dave] Will be speaking about Space ROS at ROSCon Japan
    • [Stephen] Working on open sourcing their cFS <> ROS bridge, waiting for approval from NASA
      • Our bridge tools are Python based
    • [Kato] cFS <> ROS Bridge presentation
      • RACS: ROS and cFS System
      • Rtino: indoor autonomous mobile robot software
      • PORTRS - Payload Organization and Transportation System
    • [Sean] Ascend in Las Vegas - will be talking about Space ROS there
    • [Ezra] F’<->ROS bridge being discussed in Technical Working Group
    • [Evan] NASA funding updates for Space ROS.
      • ROS 2 on RISC-5 efforts
    • [Will] How to get developers involved (e.g. at Blue, etc)?
      • Getting Started page on website
      • Github discussions, especially the Docker repository for CI issues
      • Space ROS shared Slack channel - request from Ezra. Most important comms happen on Github.
    • [Dave] Did we get the initial software requirements for Space ROS released?
      • Ivan created a Box account
      • Doorstop (Git-based requirements tracking tool) not uploaded yet to Box

I’m planning a SpaceROS meetup at ROSCon, on 10/18. See poll / discussion here:

Also, when is the next Project Committee meeting? Has it been announced?

Update: I was unable to get a room on 10/18, so the Space ROS meetup / BoF is on Friday 10/20, at 12:45 PM in room Imperial 12 at ROSCon!