Space ROS Project Committee Meeting Minutes 2023-03-16

We had a small Project Committee meeting yesterday with key representatives from space companies and NASA to discuss further the needs of the space industry and ROS 2.

Thank you @ezrabrooks for taking these notes!

Space ROS Project Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Attendees
    • Dave Coleman, PickNik Robotics
    • Steven! Ragnarök, Open Robotics at Intrinsic
    • Michael Jeronimo, Intrinsic
    • Evan Laske, NASA JSC
    • Stephen Hart, TRACLabs
    • Austin Probe, Emergent Space Technologies
    • Ivan Perez, KBR / NASA Ames Research Center
    • Geoffrey Biggs, OSRF
    • Meera Towler, SwRI
    • Jerry Towler, SwRI
    • Sean Kolk, PickNik Robotics
    • Ezra Brooks, PickNik Robotics
    • Tyler Weaver, PickNik Robotics
    • Ian Ferguson, Lockheed Martin
    • Will Chambers, Peraton
    • Eddie Tunstel, Motiv Space Systems
    • Ama Oyake, Blue Origin
    • Krzysztof Walas, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
  • Preliminaries
  • Old business
  • New business
    • Identifying short term, medium term, and long term goals for the project
      • Short term & General Notes
        • Finish up the docs (Michael J)
        • Clean up, update the website (Michael J)
        • Better onboarding, good answers for “what is SpaceROS?” for everyone
          • Clarify that (today) SpaceROS is in the ROS2 upstream already!
        • Determine how to popularize and flight-certify existing useful ROS2 tooling in the space sector
        • Define near-term priorities for new work and upstreaming existing work (like memory allocator changes)
        • Clarify, document, inform about requirements management strategy
        • “Space ROS State of the Union” to bring the community up to date?
        • Upstream the foundational Space ROS work on better linting and testing of core ROS2 packages
        • Determine which NASA/ESA/etc. formal requirements Space ROS will adhere to (NPR 7150, ESA equivalents)
        • Develop roadmap for NASA/ESA requirements that elevate Space ROS from class-to-class? What is the road to Class A?
          • Documentation of best practices to get past V&V (compliance matrices, etc.)
        • Keep focusing on CI validation of quality and safety so that code quality stays high with less hands-on engineering effort to review and validate
        • Determine governance and contribution model
        • Attack key pain points in V&V like timing, coordinate systems, to help missions
        • Integration of NASA Ames’ testing and monitoring tools as part of CI process.
        • Determine how we will release a stamped and certified version of Space ROS that missions can adopt for the lifetime of their development
        • Circulating recommendations for qualification for 7150 among partners prior to potential publication as e.g., NASA TM.
        • Determine the line between “committee membership” and “contributorship” to maximize engineering contributions
      • Medium term
        • Backport requirements for new ROS2 packages back to older packages for higher quality and safety
        • CI support for hardware validation
        • Connect with the right groups for funding and engineering of innovative projects (like GCD) that may support Space ROS
      • Long term
        • Keep contributing upstream without forking
        • Fly it!
        • Have Space ROS run on Astrobee to gain flight heritage
    • Practical engineering and funding mechanism to make this committee result in real outcomes
  • Possible Topics for Next Meeting
    • State of the Union of the codebase / prior work done (maybe Michael J or Ama O)
    • Developing and sharing high level requirements
    • A NewACO/Space Act Agreement that is NASA + OSRF + Partners, to formalize or to create an umbrella organization.
    • Ref: “Long Term” - Always keep a “prospective mission” as part of this to help move the things forward (list of Candidate missions and plans for engagement)
    • Clarify difference between Space ROS and ROS 2. Still seems to be unclear to some folks. Perhaps can cover this as part of State of the Union.

Thank you to the interested parties for continuing vested interest in this important project!

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May I ask how can I register for the future meetings? Is there a calendar invite somewhere, like at RTWG and other working groups?


I am interested as well.



Our work for the Orbital Prime program for SpaceWERX is directly related to SpaceROS, and we’d love to share our findings. Please include us for the next meeting.

I would like to participate too. Is there a meeting invite?

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