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Another jerk-limited trajectory generator/controller: pantor/ruckig

On the same topic as Jerk-limited trajectory generation: opt_control, but I felt it deserved its own post, there is pantor/ruckig:

Ruckig calculates a time-optimal trajectory given a target waypoint with position, velocity, and acceleration starting from any initial state limited by velocity, acceleration, and jerk constraints. Ruckig is a more powerful and open-source alternative to the Reflexxes Type IV library. In fact, Ruckig is the first Type V trajectory generator and even supports directional velocity and acceleration limits, while also being faster on top. For robotics and machining applications, Ruckig allows both instant reactions to unforeseen events as well as simple offline trajectory planning.

I’m not aware of a ROS wrapper or integration of this yet, but it’s a fairly light and stand-alone library, so that should not be too difficult.