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Apex.AI - Sr. Field Applications Engineer - Palo Alto, California, USA or Munich, Germany

At Apex.AI, we envision a world of seamless and safe autonomous mobility. And we love ROS!

Apex.AI -

ROS 2 on Self-driving Cars -

Porting Algorithms from ROS 1 to ROS 2 -

Pursuing this vision, we have built a team of the best engineers in their field working together focussed on enabling our customers to take automated mobility applications to production. Your work will have real impact and will improve traffic safety and save lives all around the world. We think that teamwork and collaboration beat individualism, and we strive to create an open environment of continuous learning and improvement. We value a positive and diverse team and work culture, and we openly discuss challenges so we can turn them into opportunities.

Apex.AI is funded by Lightspeed Ventures , Canaan Partners, Toyota AI Ventures and Airbus Ventures and we work with well-known and international customers.

Check out this recent blog post from our CEO, Jan Becker about “Decomposing the Autonomous Mobility Stack - .”

Sr. Field Applications Engineer (FAE) - Palo Alto, CA, USA -

Sr. Field Applications Engineer (FAE) - Munich, Germany -


Your links to “ROS 2 on Self-driving Cars” and “Porting Algorithms from ROS 1 to ROS 2” appear to be down, can you reupload them or ensure they’re active?

I tried to use a URL shortner. I can also reference the blog post directly.

Whatever you did fixed them!

Whatever you did fixed them!

They almost certainly did nothing. URL shorteners just take a bit of time to propagate, because their servers are distributed and don’t instantly sync with each other.

(Fwiw, discussing the tinyurl architecture or similar is used in almost every system design interview! For anyone thinking of applying for a job in any large company, make sure you google ‘tinyurl system design interview’ and understand it)