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Api dx100 motoman


Hi everyone,
I find this info with classes for functions of the controller dx100 motoman. But I don’t find the package, someone know something on about?


I search on github and found this , hope it’s what you’re looking for.


The dx100 package was merged into the current motoman_driver package, quite some time ago already (notice the groovy version specifier in the link you include). Most of the functionality was kept in the motoman_driver version of MotoROS (the MotoPlus application that is part of motoman_driver).

Can you clarify what it is that you are trying to do? The .c files in MotoROS are not usable outside the MotoROS runtime environment, so they can’t be used in a plain (ROS) application.


I’m try read and write jobs (in network), also I’m try read and write IO digitals for actuators with this services.


Digital IO is partially supported, although it’s recommended to use a fieldbus for any serious work.

As to reading/writing jobs, that functionality was not maintained, as it’s not needed for plain/typical use of MotoROS. You could see whether the functions you found in dx100 could be ported to MotoROS, but you’d need a MotoPlus license and SDK to be able to compile the resulting custom MotoROS application.


@Sinai_Aranda We have ROS support for executing Yaskawa INFORM-Jobs, reading&writing IOs & Variables for DX100 in our Motoman-Fork which ships with the Rosvita beta. It comes also with simulation of all the Motoman ROS services for testing of programms without a real robot. We have tested so far on a DX100 and a FS100 with SDA10 robots.

You can see the functionality in our Motoman plugin video. The software is in beta, for more details see our web site or our other videos. Which robot are you using?

(I will post more details about Rosvita in 8-12 weeks with an official announcement.)


How the service is displayed for read/write IO? I use this motoman_driver but dont’ see the services, just these: