ATOM Calibration Framework

Hello to all ROS enthusiasts,

I would like to share with you the ATOM Calibration Framework:

ATOM is a set of calibration tools for multi-sensor, multi-modal, robotic systems, based on the optimization of atomic transformations as provided by a ROS based robot description. Moreover, ATOM provides several scripts to facilitate all the steps of a calibration procedure.

If you are interested in calibrating your robotic system in ROS, this may be the solution for you.

More details available on the documentation site at:

or if you want to dive into the details you can read this paper:

Our goal is to expand the usage of ATOM as much as possible, so If you need some help please post an issue on github. We’ll be glad try to help.

Thank you,
Miguel Oliveira

Laboratory of Automation and Robotics,
Institute of Electronics and Informatics Engineering,
University of Aveiro,

I just featured you on the weekly update! I’ll add this post too. Really great work!

Thanks @Katherine_Scott , very kind of you.