Autoware annual summit survey

The Autoware Foundation is planning its annual summit, and to begin with we need your help in setting a date.

The Autoware Foundation annual summit preliminary agenda is:

  1. Review of 2018 activities
    1. Key achievements by working groups
    2. Finance reports by AWF administration team
  2. Our focus in 2019
  3. Networking over lunch

We are considering holding the summit in Macau either before or after ROSCon. To decide which, we need to know how many people will or could attend on each date. So please fill in the following survey.

  • I would like to attend on the 30th of October in Macau
  • I would like to attend on the 2nd of November in Macau
  • I would like to attend on either date in Macau
  • I cannot attend on either date

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Just one thing, workshops are on October 30th, so if we were to host the summit before ROSCon, it’d be more convenient to do it on the 29th, so that people can attend the workshops.

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The workshops are starting at 13:30 on the 30th, and the Autoware Summit is planned for the morning only.

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