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Autoware meeting at RosCon 19?

Hi Autoware users, who is going to be at RosCon in Macau?

It would be great to meet for 1h and start planning for the hackathon in Palo Alto in April 2020.

Please reply to this message and we will post the date/place accordingly.


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@filipe.rinaldi from Arm will be there.

I propose to hold a hackathon in Moscow. I will be at ROSCON.

I’ll be there and also join the real-time workshop tomorrow.


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Yo , there, camping near the coffee machine.

@all let’s meet on Friday at 8 am at the ROSCon registration desk. We will discuss the work packages needed to make an autonomous valet parking demo possible in April 2020:✓&state=opened&label_name[]=epic

@esteve @Hatem @akihikotsukuda @YangZ @gbiggs @Sumanth-Nirmal @Kosuke_MURAKAMI @mitsudome-r

@wjwwood would anyone from osrf want to participate too?

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Friday at 8 am is OK for me.


  • Hackathon in April, 2020 in Palo Alto at the Apex.AI office.
  • Goal is to achieve full autonomous valet parking in the simulator before the hackathon, with the hackathon purpose being vehicle integration and polishing
  • Hackathon will be 5 days
    • 4 days work on preparing the demo
    • 1 day for the demo
  • We will use the existing Apex.AI Lexus with its current hardware and sensor configuration
    • Nouvo board
    • Two velodynes
  • Will build on Eloquent, which in turn means Ubuntu for the OS.
  • Tasks
    • Someone needs to take charge of the simulation and recreate the Apex.Autonomy demo in
    • Someone needs to to take charge of the map
    • ROS 2 interface to the vehicle
    • Someone needs to be in charge of the architecture
  • Fail-safe operation will be to just perform emergency stop
  • Apex.AI can put out an engineer to lead the architecture work for two weeks full time. This person will design the architecture; Tier IV will help to write it up.
  • Scenario-based design
  • Map:
    • Want to go to OpenDrive so we can use the same map in the simulator
    • Run-time access API is lanelet2 or something customised from it
    • We need a ros2 launch command that will just work
    • Brian/Parkopedia can probably push this because they have an immediate need; the Autoware WG will provide need to the Maps WG, which will coordinate the work
  • Simulator:
  • Localisation:
    • NDT is just about in Autoware.Auto
  • Perception:
    • Autoware.Auto has object detection sufficient for the AVP demo
  • Planner:
    • Tier IV will provide a new planning architecture
    • Fallback solution is just choose and follow way points
    • Will make a decision on whether to go with the fallback on 1 December.
    • Embotech has a planning architecture for parking which may be useful. Apex.AI is talking to them.
  • Controller:
    • Chris/Apex.AI has an MPC controller for the Lexus
  • Vehicle interface and low level controller
    • AutonomouStuff? Dejan to talk to them.
  • Other
    • Logger functionality is very important, but secondary to the demo
    • We need something comprehensive and tamper-proof

Action items


Sorry just saw this. I can try to answer any follow questions if you guys point them out to me.

I wil try to join this meeting maybe with some other guys from StreetScooter