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AVIDBOTS - Senior Software Developer - Sensors Kitchener ON CANADA

We are currently designing the next generation cleaning robots that will take over the cleaning industry!

Our robots make maps of a wide range of mostly indoor areas, small and large (e.g. malls, department stores, grocery stores, hospitals, airports, etc.) using lasers and cameras and then plan the optimal path to cover these areas as fast as possible.

We are looking for a senior software developer to join and lead our platform team to work on sensors algorithms. The platform team deals with drivers, sensors and firmware of all the subcomponents of our robots. Your job will be to design and develop processing algorithms for the sensors of our robots. Our robots are equipped with 3D cameras and lasers. There is a processing pipeline to transform the raw data from the cameras/lasers into useful information for the robot obstacle avoidance algorithms. In addition, we need to work on calibrating the sensors to ensure the data is always accurate to allow our robots to navigate environments quickly and safely. The ideal candidate has worked with 3D camera/LIDAR data before and has worked on processing pipelines before.

Since we are a startup, you will be wearing many hats - the job will range from high-level system design, software development all the way to building prototypes and testing new sensors. You will be working alongside an experienced team of robotics veterans and hardware engineers to help you along the way.

Main Tasks:

Drive the design and implementation of sensor processing pipeline

Work with sensor manufacturer and documentation to ensure proper operation of drivers and settings for the sensors

Work with the manufacturing team to improve the calibration procedures and reduce manufacturing time

Work with other engineers to set up testing rigs for validation/testing of new sensors for future robots

Help with general software development tasks as necessary(testing frameworks, etc)

Main Requirements:

BASc. or graduate degree in Computer Science or Electrical/Computer Engineering or related

7+ years of experience with software development in a professional setting

Strong software development skills (Python, C++ preferred)

Strong math background (linear algebra, geometry in robotics, optimization for calibration)

Proficient with Linux-based operating systems (more than CLI, bordering on kernel compilation)

Experience working with sensors
Driven individual, passionate about robotics, self-starter


Completed projects with calibration/optimization before

Completed computer vision projects before

Designed signal processing/filtering pipelines for sensors before

Have built/designed and brought robots to life before

Experience with Robot Operating System (ROS)

Experience with software testing/continuous integration