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AWS Cloud Robotics Summit Aug 18th-19th 2020 - Register now!

Hi ROS community members!
I’m excited to announce that AWS is hosting a Cloud Robotics Summit on August 18th & 19th 2020.
Speakers include @rsbarga, @gerkey, @Katherine_Scott, @Levi-Armstrong, and many others!

Registration is FREE (and you can win a free hoodie)



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Accelerate your robotics application development and testing

Join technical experts from across the robotics industry for a complimentary educational event. We’ve designed our program to help you learn best practices and the latest technology for robotics application development. Check out our schedule of sessions hosted by AWS Robotics engineers and solutions architects with guest speakers from the Open Robotics, ROS–Industrial Consortium, iRobot, and Labrador Robotics.

Why attend?

  • Hear from industry experts and learn about new robotics technology
  • Engage with AWS Robotics engineers and solutions architects during live Q&A
  • Participate in a hands-on workshop on advanced automated testing
  • Deep dive into using Gazebo-based simulations robotics testing
  • Win a free AWS Cloud Robotics hoodie

Who should attend?

  • Robotics developers, engineers, and QA teams
  • Robotics engineering leaders
  • Business decision makers at robotics companies


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Featured sessions

Keynote: The role of cloud and open source software in the future of robotics
Speaker: Roger Barga, GM for AWS Robotics; Brian Gerkey, Co-founder of Open Robotics
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ROS 2 Foxy: Production Robotics using Open Source software
Speaker: Katherine Scott, Developer Advocate for Open Robotics
Learn more »

Lessons from the front line: How iRobot builds, tests, and manages millions of robots
Speaker: Mark Sedran, Manager of Simulator Software Engineering at iRobot
Learn more »

Simulation tutorial and hands-on workshop: Getting started and advanced automated testing
Speaker: Anabell St. Vincent, Principal Solutions Architect for AWS Robotics.
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Reminder, there are now less than 2 weeks until the summit!

We’ve had great response so far, with hundreds of registrants for the event.

In fact, we’ve had to close registration for the workshop, but are working on scheduling additional workshops after the event to allow others to participate. I’ll pass along more details as soon as they’re solidified.


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Correction to my last post. We are still allowing people to register for the workshop, but since the workshop is full, you will be sent a follow up email with options for the additional workshops as they are scheduled.

Sorry for any inconvenience or delays, the response has been beyond expectations!

ONE :point_up: week until the Summit!

Registration is FREE! (Free a very good price!)

(This will be the last time I remind everyone, I promise!)

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Hi @mkhansen, are there any recordings of the summit? Thanks!

1 Like is the iRobot one and there are a few more in the same channel (but not all of them yet?).

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They’re all there. There’s also a playlist:


Thank you, guys! I wasn’t able to attend all the live sessions, this helps a lot!

Yes, they’re posted, as @christophebedard found already.

Sorry for the delay I was waiting for all the links to get up before posting the link here. I guess you all found it already, so :1st_place_medal: