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AWS Robmaker online demo

Learn the Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution for developing robotics at our virtual Meetup. Hosted by Object Computing and AWS.


This may be interesting for some of my colleagues, thanks for organising.

6 PM CDT is 2020-04-08T23:00:00Z for us here in the EU in other timezones.

Would there be additional sessions at other times perhaps?

A quick look at the linked site did not make that clear immediately.

I’m interested in the technology, but 1AM (for me at least) is a bit early/late :wink:


Good point. We plan to record the event. I will post that recording as soon as it’s available.

I’m also going to see if we can repeat the live event with times convenient to the EU and Asia.


There’s a lot of interest here in Japan in Robomaker, so I highly encourage you to do an Asian timezone friendly one. You could even get your colleagues from Japan (I know there are at least a few here involved in Robomaker) to help out and do a Japanese language version, and no doubt Korean and Chinese versions would also go down well. With everyone stuck at home, this is a great time to promote the benefits of an online robotics tool that includes simulation.


A recording was made. Still need to get the proper permissions to release it.

I’m also waiting to hear back on a repeat for the Asia and European regions in appropriate languages. I’ll keep you posted.


Here’s the video for public consumption. Enjoy!


Awesome! Let me know if anyone has questions about AWS RoboMaker, happy to dive deeper.

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I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know how to use AWS IoT Client SDK for C++ with ros package, I am trying to use it, but it seems aws-crt-cpp doesn’t work correctly,
Thank you