Branched Humble + Call for Beta Testing

I just set up a machine to do some initial testing for Humble on Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy). When I add the archive at jammy The name of the ros* packages all still seem to be ros-rolling-* for the current beta.

Am I doing something wrong or is the name still something that needs to be changed on the build system. On ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill (codename ‘humble’; May, 2022) — ROS 2 Documentation: Foxy documentation it states that the name should have been updated as of April 18, 2022.

This is my first-time beta testing a new release so I might be completely confused about how ros betas work.

Did you follow the instructions at Installing ROS 2 via Debian Packages — ROS 2 Documentation: Humble documentation ? In particular, you need to use (note the extra -testing in there), since this is a still a distribution that is being tested out.

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I created a humble branch for the rclc repository today and updated the ros distribution name to ‘humble’ in the the Github Action ci-job. It fails when processing the step ros-tooling/setup-ros@0.3.0 with the error message Input has invalid distribution names.. For the time being, I reverted the ros-distribution name to ‘rolling’.

In the ci-job the option use-ros2-testing: true is set, so I suppose, that packages are downloaded from

Any suggestions, how to update the ci-job for humble? Or should I just wait until the official release in May?

I’ve opened issues to add support for Humble to the setup-ros and action-ros-ci GitHub actions:

You’ll indeed need to use the testing repository for now, but the actions are not currently aware that Humble is a (valid) distro. I’ll try to do it this weekend.


I see that Humble has Debian Bullseye as a tier 3 supported platform. Is there any chance that the setup via debian package install will be supported on this platform? I’m specifically interested in arm64 packages for ros-humble-base.

Debian’s marked as Tier 3 [s]. Refer to REP 2000 -- ROS 2 Releases and Target Platforms (

Tier 3

Tier 3 platforms are those for which community reports indicate that the release is functional. The development team does not run the unit test suite or perform any other tests on platforms in Tier 3. Installation instructions should be available and up-to-date in order for a platform to be listed in this category. Community members may provide assistance with these platforms.

and REP 2000 -- ROS 2 Releases and Target Platforms (

" [s] " Compilation from source.

In other words, you’re welcome to build it from source. Many have expressed interest on getting Debian to a better stage of support, but resources need to be committed for that.

OpenEmbedded support is marked as Tier 3 [s]:

Architecture Ubuntu Jammy (22.04) Windows 10 (VS2019) RHEL 8 Ubuntu Focal (20.04) macOS Debian Bullseye (11) OpenEmbedded / webOS OSE
amd64 Tier 1 [d][a][s] Tier 1 [a][s] Tier 2 [d][a][s] Tier 3 [s] Tier 3 [s] Tier 3 [s]
arm64 Tier 1 [d][a][s] Tier 3 [s] Tier 3 [s] Tier 3 [s]
arm32 Tier 3 [s] Tier 3 [s] Tier 3 [s] Tier 3 [s]

I’m currently working on a branch (:warning: Work-in-progress, don’t expect it work out of the box) to bring arm64 supported as Tier 3 [s] for OpenEmbedded using Yocto Honister (version 3.4.3, bitbake branch 1.52). Honister has only support for 7 months since its release (until May 2022) :thinking:, but those are my client’s requirements.

Provided that I have enough time, I plan to validate things for arm64. I’m currently looking for beta testers and volunteers that:

  • validate the Yocto recipes in arm32
  • bring the recipes to Kirkstone Yocto release

If there’s no community interest on arm32, we should downgrade the support level and mark only arm64 support. Similarly, it might be a good idea to annotate REP-2000 with the Yocto release that’s being supported.

@robwoolley, any chance you’re interested to help in any of these things? Are you currently planning any other contributions towards Humble for OpenEmbedded support?

@vmayoral that’s very clear thank you. I’d be happy to test and contribute to OE build and testing. I’ve worked on jobs like this before.

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That’s be fantastic, thanks. If you have cycles, feel free to start testing things out of ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill - honister branch by vmayoral · Pull Request #1003 · ros/meta-ros · GitHub and provide your feedback. PRs are welcome as well against my dev. branch. If you’d like to sign up as beta tester, say so in that ticket directly with your GitHub username please.

What is the etiquette for requesting ROS Humble branches and builds from third-party packages when doing Beta testing?

Is it okay to open issues on the package’s Github repository or should I wait until humble has been officially released?

I think it is reasonable to ask maintainers for a branch at this point. The Humble distribution is a viable target, so there are no blockers to moving forward.

That said, there is also no obligation for the maintainers to do so at this time, so please be patient :slight_smile: .

Just to follow up, setup-ros and action-ros-ci can now be used for Humble (with the testing repo for now).

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I was installing micro-ros on ros2 humble beta, and using this command:

git clone -b $ROS_DISTRO src/micro_ros_setup

I got this output:

Cloning into 'src/micro_ros_setup'...
fatal: Remote branch rolling not found in upstream origin

I guess there’s still a dependancy where the “ROS_DISTRO” is set to “Rolling”.
It’s not a big deal as Humble is derived from Rolling.

The work-around was to replace the “$ROS_DISTRO” from the command with “humble”:

git clone -b humble src/micro_ros_setup

P.S.- I didn’t know where else to post this, so please excuse this post, and point me to the right site/url.

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Good point. We have fixed this in the sources, but we haven’t done a release of that package yet. We’ll go ahead and do that. Thanks for the report.

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@christophebedard Thanks for updating the ros-tooling scripts. Our ci-job for rclc on humble runs again.

However, with os: [ ubuntu-22.04 ], the ci-pipeline fails already when initializing the container. As of now, I am using ubuntu-20.04.

I opend a ticket here: micro-ros release for humble · Issue #514 · micro-ROS/micro_ros_setup · GitHub

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This seems to be due to an issue on the GitHub actions/infrastructure side. I’ve opened an issue to track this, let’s move the discussion there: Unable to use Ubuntu 22.04 natively on GitHub actions · Issue #746 · ros-tooling/action-ros-ci · GitHub

@rosterloh changes in meta-ros for Humble in Honister's Yocto release are ready for review: ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill - honister branch by vmayoral · Pull Request #1003 · ros/meta-ros · GitHub.

A short writeup about it is available at ROS 2 Humble with Yocto and PetaLinux.

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