Break_beam sensor not publishing on named topic

I am running from the ariac binary package on ROS Indigo and getting familiar with the environment. I added two break_beam sensors to the conveyor belt, however both sensors publish on the /ariac/break_beam topic instead of the documented /ariac/{name} dedicated topic for each sensor. It is usable that way for a single sensor, but with multiple sensors publishing on the same topic it is not. The logical_camera sensors work as expected with a named topic for each camera. It doesn’t look like the bitbucket repository has issue tracking enabled, so I am posting here. Also, any idea when the first qualifier will be posted?

That sounds like a bug to me, I’ve created an issue for this:

I’ll see about getting the issue tracker opened up too. I’m not certain about the schedule (so I won’t guess), but someone else may be able to comment about that.

Thank you for creating the issue in my behalf and getting issues opened up for public access.

Hi Michael,
This issue should be fixed now and you should see the unique topic names for break bream sensors once you update your ARIAC software, either with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ariac or pulling from master if you are building from source. Thank you for pointing it out.

Regarding the first qualifier, it will be posted on the 27th Jan 2017: see for registration details.