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Build Custom Tools to Explore Your ROS Data Using Foxglove Studio Extensions

Hello all,

If you’re not familiar with our team, we develop Foxglove Studio – an open source desktop application that integrates tools across the ROS ecosystem (and others) to help you visualize & debug your robotics data.

We just announced an alpha release of one of our most widely requested & highly anticipated features – user-contributed extensions .

With extensions, you can build & install your own custom panels in Studio to meet your project-specific needs – all while leveraging our existing features. Check out our full announcement here.

We’re still brainstorming new features for our next release, so please let us know what improvements you’d like to see! Join us on Slack, Twitter, or Github to share your feature requests and other feedback.

Download the app here to get started – happy hacking!

Read our ROS Discourse announcement from earlier this year, as well as our more recent product updates, to get up-to-speed on what we’ve been working on.