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Building a better TurtleBot3

Hi everyone-

I’ve written a blog post about TurtleBot3 assembly and component placement. If you’re just building your TurtleBot3 take a look and let me know what are some of your own suggestions related to component placement.

Thanks in advance


Hi Dragan,

I’ve been setting up a TB3 burger this week with ROS2. I was wondering if you would want to chat for a minute about how the experience has been for you.


Hi @Katherine_Scott,

can you jump on IRC on freenode? A bunch of us from Canonical are in #ros


Hi @dragan-s
This is a very impressive article. We seem to be able to use ROS more easily in a variety of ways with a little more thought. :slight_smile: Thank you very much and I will consider how to make it easier for users.

Glad more people are using tmux/screen for their bringup sequences :wink: definitely helps.

Hi @Pyo-

thank you and feel free to ping me anytime you want to bounce ideas around.


Hi @smac-

yes it most definitely helps and the tmuxinator scripting is a great addition. There a couple of tmux extensions that also help with session save and restore, so if you modified a session you don’t lose that when you come back… Definitely a great tool.

For interested parties search for tmux-resurrect or tmux-continuum plugins on github