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Can we get a new rosdep release?

A while back we had to work around a rosdep bug in snapcraft in order to filter out dependencies already satisfied in the workspace. We fixed that issue in rosdep, but we’re still carrying our workaround because there hasn’t yet been a rosdep release that contains the fix. @tfoote would you mind spinning a new release so we can utilize that fix in kinetic and melodic and drop our hack?

I think I’ll be able to do a rosdep release next week.

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Ah, thank you @nuclearsandwich that would be much appreciated.

Please see if you can include this approved PR for ROS2 support as well:

rosdep 0.16.0 is out on pypi and the ROS repositories with the following changes:


Thank you, my friend! That’s a good amount of technical debt we can pay off, now.

That’s a really thorough release: some of these issues and PRs got fixed/merged twice :wink:

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FYI there’s an issue with the new release I am working on it now.

I had double-pasted the changelog. I edited it for future clarity but am confessing it here so this joke makes sense. :smile:


There were problems with the artifact uploaded to PyPI. While I cannot yank the artifact I have tagged a nearly identical 0.16.1 release and uploaded an artifact that, at least for me, appears to be working properly.

The debs are publishing now but there is no difference with the debs between 0.16.0 and 0.16.1 so users of the debs will be unaffected during the interim.

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Thanks for the quick fix @nuclearsandwich.

A brief update, while the originally reported issue was not found in the deb packages, almost immediately beyond it another issue was present. This issue is also resolved by the 0.16.1 rebuild and those packages should be in the ROS and ROS 2 repositories now.

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