Career in Robotics

Hello everyone, I want to make my career in field of robotics. Give some helpful suggestions. Thank you in advance.

“Career in robotics” is extremely broad: many folks are mechanical or electrical engineers, others are software developers, some are technicians. Some will be working in industry, others will be working in academia.

The only real answer to “how do I work in robotics” is “apply for a job in robotics”. If you have a specific idea of what kind of work you’re interested in doing, you should provide that information. You can also look at job postings for robotics engineers and see what kind of qualifications they require.

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But the thing is, i generally don’t see the postings on LinkedIn. Can you please name or provide some links?

Hm, not sure what that could be caused by. In my case I get a lot of hits. Try:

  • Searching for different types of engineer (‘robotics engineer’, ‘mechanical engineer’, ‘software engineer’) and keep in mind a lot of robotics jobs aren’t called “robotics engineer”, they’re just engineers that happen to work on robots
  • Searching on other job-seeking platforms (like glassdoor for example)
  • Finding a set of specific companies that you know do work you’re interested in,
    and then browse the company website to find what positions they have available.