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I'm making a niche jobs board for robotics. Any tips?

Hi all,

I’m a robotics software engineer by trade, I quit my day job just before COVID hit and I’ve been looking for a job since then. I’ve found looking on other job sites to be a bit of a pain - trawling through pages with very few, if any, jobs in robotics. So I thought I’d start building one!

Right now, I just have a landing page with a sign up for a weekly newsletter and a Twitter page I’m currently building the jobs board itself and I’d love to hear any opinions, tips or feedback you have. I’ll post again once it’s live.


A good resource for job openings (and other news) is the robotics worldwide mailing list. (

Maybe you could even crawl that to add content to your website. Good luck! :slight_smile:

That’s a great resource, thanks very much for sharing! :slight_smile: It would certainly be possible to crawl it, I might contact the maintainers to see what they think.

Thanks, hopefully it might help some people!

There’s also

And for completeness, of course, you should be sure to check our own jobs category.

Thanks for sharing, I’ve checked them out and they’re great resources.

Here’s a preview of what the site might look like:

Some features I am working on:

  • Filter by the type of role: e.g. software, remote, research, internships, etc.

  • Filter by the type of robot you’ll primarily be working with: e.g. humanoid, aerial, industrial, etc.

  • Filter by tags: e.g. C++, SalesForce, Linux, Security, 3D Printing, etc.

Any feedback would be most welcome :grinning:

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Thanks for this. I don’t see remote as an option under role.