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Circular dependency within rmw_implementation and rmw_opensplice_cpp

Hi all,

I am following the Ament tutorial, and I have found a circular dependency within rmw_implementation and rmw_opensplice_cpp:

paco@pegaso:~/ros2_ws$ src/ament/ament_tools/scripts/ build --build-tests --symlink-install
ament build: Circular dependency within the following packages: rmw_implementation, rmw_opensplice_cpp

I removed the dependency in rmw_implementation, but it seems to be mandatory. as it does not compile. I could not find the dependency in the package.xml file in ./ros2/rmw_opensplice/rmw_opensplice_cpp/package.xml


This was brought up on the issue tracker too:

I think the consensus was that this broke in some recent refactoring of the type support and that we’re not going to spend time on fixing issues with opensplice at the moment (see ROS 2 alpha8).

If this matters to you, then you can chime in there or work on a fix with guidance from us where necessary.

Thanks William!!

I did not see the issue in github. That was the right place to report this problem. I have overcome it by not compiling opensplice.