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Claiming maintainership for ros-perception/{pcl_msgs, perception_pcl, ...}


Long time stalker of ros-perception, fairly new maintainer on image_pipeline here.

There’s an effort going on to get PCL items in ROS released that have stalled out mostly from PRs going un-reviewed and unmerged.

Discussion here


While I could ask for just maintainer access to these repos, in practice I want to take on some maintainership of the larger ros-perception ecosystem as I have backgrounds in nearly all the packages there and I’m taking the attitude if someone else isn't going to, I will. I’m not necessarily promising that I can port everything, but I am committing to getting reasonable PRs submitted reviewed and merged, particularly as relates to ROS2.

So I’d like to request to be added to the ros-perception org with write access. Any projects with active maintainers I don’t plan on getting in the way.

Pinging here, as I’m trying to release PCL msgs into Dashing / Eloquent. @tfoote can you bump the versions on the ros2 branch in pcl_msgs so I can continue with the release here ( in the meantime while I’m waiting on this to be discussed above?

@smac We want to let the maintainer of pcl_msgs have a chance to respond and/or do the releases themselves. In this case, it looks like you’ve already opened, so we’ll see if the maintainer responds and go from there.

Sounds good!

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@clalancette pinging back, its been 2 weeks. We want that PR into pcl perception and release the messages for eloquent.

Update: Awesome we got pcl_msgs shipped thanks to @Paul_Bovbel. Off to perception_pcl


Hi @smac, as I’m sure you’ve picked up, my attention span for perception_pcl maintainership has been low. I’m not spending much time on perception or ROS2 at the moment. If you’ve got the time and motivation to help review and clean up the ROS2 porting/releasing/etc, I’d be happy to tag you in.

Sure thing, I’d like to help get this out!

Could the powers that be (@clalancette?) please add @smac to

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Done! Happy maintaining!