Cloud Robotics WG Strategy & Next Meeting Announcement

As @mikelikesrobots mentioned, our next meeting will be on Monday, 2024-03-25T17:00:00Z, on

Following last week’s meeting where we discussed our definition of cloud robotics and the near-term agenda for the working group, in the meeting on Monday we will start with the data collection phase. Please attend to help us answer the following questions:

  • What role does the cloud play in robotics?
    • for development
    • for production
  • What are the challenges to realizing the potential of cloud robotics? e.g., in terms of
    • communication (networking, protocols, etc.)
    • security
    • cost
  • How do people currently go about this?
  • What tools and resources, either specific to robotics or in general, exist to make this easier?
  • What tools or resources do you wish would exist?

These questions are open-ended on purpose to invite discussion.

Personally I believe that every robotics company needs to have a strategy regarding cloud tooling, so I believe there are many people in this community that have both the experience and the incentive to help us answer the above questions. Please consider attending. This is your chance to influence the future direction of this working group. The input we gather here will influence the projects we’ll define in later phases of the WG around tools to build to addresses the identified needs. We are particularly interested to see participation and hear from folks that have deployed and operated large fleets in production.

As always, if you know of people who might be interested in this group but do not regularly read ROS Discourse, please invite them to this thread or the meeting itself. Thanks.

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