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Compress ros.h / Interacting without ros.h


Dear all,
I’m working with ROS since several months and i’m very satisfied!

I have still created a small pcb based on a atmega32u4 which should interact with ROS about his native USB port. Unfortunately i have found out ros.h needs a lot space for interacting with publishers and subscribers. Is there any possibility of compress the ros.h library?

Thanks in advance


Hello @RoboDaniel
Usually, it is not the code by itself that take too much space but the serial buffers.
You should look at this wiki page and reduce the size of the buffers as explained in the section 3.2 ros.h.

You need to modify the NodeHandle_ template parameters with something like:

NodeHandle_<ArduinoHardware, 10, 15, 128, 256>

Adjusting the values according to your needs.