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Confusion about EOL for Indigo

According to, EOL for ROS Indigo is April, 2019. However, it also says “(Trusty EOL)”, which, according to, is not until April 2022 (End of Standard Support, however, is April 2019). Which is the real EOL date for Indigo? If that date has passed, is the community OK with me updating to remove the green highlight from the Indigo row in the table?

Indigo is approaching EOL. I announced the previous sync as the penultimate one: Preparing for Indigo Sync 2019-04-23

Trusty is effectively EOL now. That chart you link to is deceptive. April 2019 has been the EOL date, but there’s now new paid service from Canonical called Extended Security Maintenance which you can use, but it’s not the general release support we’re used to.

Extended Security Maintenance is a paid option through Ubuntu Advantage to get extended support and security updates for select server packages.
Version Supported Packages Start of ESM # of Years End of Life
Ubuntu 14.04 ESM SecurityTeam/ESM/14.04 April 25, 2019 3 years April 2022

Lets update the Distributions file in a week after the final sync.

Thanks for the info, @tfoote. I will wait for final sync.