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Dashboard of ROS2 next focus and high priority for upcoming release or next direction

The ros2 beta3 has been released recently, and the community ultimately know what’s included in it now and thank u for your great contribution :+1: .
However, what’s the features which are planned for the next release on Dec 13th, 2017 ? I’m curious whether there’s a place to make clear what’s the current focus and high priority for the next of ROS2 for ROS users, I try to find and unfortunately I failed to get this kind of information :frowning: , so how about a dashboard to get the ROS users/developers aligned about the ROS2 current focus and high priority to be more efficient to contribute on the same page ? and this also benefits the newcomer to spend a lot time/effort to make clear the ROS2 next direction from various scattered information while ROS community gets larger and larger, for example, from the long discussion thread of each component of ROS2 github.

As the roadmap already states:

The feature list for the next version will be filled out shortly after the Beta 3 release.

thanks, that’s okay if there’s a bulletin for the feature list in the roadmap.
one more question, you know, ros is made up with different component packages respectively. do you think that it’s necessary to brief a summary to the current focus and high priority (maybe design change / technical direction or decisions) of a component ? the change is dynamic and maybe it’s hard to clarify everything and requires some discussion, but these kind of information is valuable.

By the way, can the community developer apply the access to ?

I am sorry, but I don’t understand the question. Can you maybe elaborate on this a bit more?

The ROS 2 Jira board is not public atm. All relevant information should be available in public tickets on GitHub.

Now ROS has 2 trunks, one is ROS and the other is ROS2, and each has many different components. maybe the ROS2 will be ultimately the final in the future.
For ROS2, there’re new feature development or component porting from ROS, so…is it possible to summarize some information regarding what the current focus or priority for a component ? maybe it’s long to elaborate every details for a component, and that’s waste of time, so the short key message with key points is enough for the newcomers get the status of a component, for example:

  1. the key features to develop
  2. the key blocker to use that component in ROS2,
  3. the totally technical redesign info from ROS
  4. the next direction if the above info is undetermined
    and so on…
    For a specific instance here, ROS2 navigation, maybe it’s really hard to know what’s going on in ROS2 for most community users.

Based on the easy to make clear the status of a component, it helps the efficiency for ROS users to employ it or get hands dirty to further contribute it in the same page while ROS community gets larger and larger :slight_smile:

This is actually a question each and every maintainer of a ROS packages has to answer.

We (at OSRF) are currently working on a lot of “foundational” stuff: basically what is enumerated on the roadmap. While we try to demonstrate the usability and improvements using demos we don’t maintain many of the higher level packages in ROS.

E.g. for rviz we are trying to rewrite the existing code base to support both ROS versions (see But each component (navigation, moveit, etc.) will have to come up with their own plan. For other packages like rqt we haven’t even started to plan how to support ROS 2 with it.