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Data quality of ASUS Xtion 2

Does anyone have experience with the ASUS Xtion 2? Is the depth quality still comparable with the original ASUS Xtion? There’s an old thread that asked the same question, but got no replies.

I’ve seen that JSK has an installation page, so perhaps one of you guys can help me out? @knorth55 @wkentaro @k-okada

What would be really great would be a rosbag, ideally just a freehand camera pointing at a table with some objects and moving around a bit.


my 2 cents,
Hope to not say something wrong since I test three differents prototypes of Asus XTION 2 last year.

While Xtion was just a kinect/primesens (structured light) camera built by ASUS (i.e. they bought the IP and a “Calibration machine” to recompute the disparity lookup since dimension was not exactly the same than the Kinect/Primesens).

On the other hand, XTION 2 is a ToF camera so it’s not really comparable (pro & cons), if I remember well XTION 2 seems close to old softkinetics ToF cameras DS400 DS325 etc…

note: Asus also had a “RealSense” camera (first generation, "un"structured light) as “prototype”, but it seems Intel has decided to discontinue it and the new RealSense has been developped by an other israel company with a completely different technology (ToF)

Hi, all. Sorry for late reply.
Xtion2 is ToF IR camera, same as DS325, DS525 and Kinect V2.
There are a lot of differences, so please compare it with other RGB-D cameras.
I upload rosbag of compressed RGB and depth image of xtion2 here, so you can take a look on it.

One weird point is that the images are mirrored in left and right direction.
Actually, this problem is not ROS openni2 problem, but Xtion2 SDK problem.

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Hi @knorth55, thank you so much for your data. That has been very useful.