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Intel Realsense?

Hi All,

Related a bit to the Astra thread… has anyone tried the Intel Realsense?
It appears there is no OpenNI for Realsense, but is that important?
Any disadvantages you foresee?

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I did see this from Clearpath.

It sounds like Astra may be the new default, but see complaints of it being “noisy”… is it better than Realsense?

Hi All,

We do have a couple of pending PR’s to add the Realsense R200 as an available camera in the default turtlebot stack: and we hope to get landed soon.

Until then there’s a minorly forked version and documentation for using Realsense w/ Turtlebot at

There are new versions in Indigo and Kinetic of the realsense drivers:

And the TurtleBot PRs have been merged too.

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